Crowd Funding Secrets

Goodbye to federal funding for 2012 candidates
NEW YORK — A cornerstone of U.S. politics since the 1970s, public funding of presidential campaigns may soon go the way of other relics of the era like long sideburns and lava lamps. Neither President Barack Obama nor any of the leading 2012 Republican contenders is expected to accept federal matching funds and the limits they impose.

House votes to cut off federal funds for NPR
WASHINGTON — The House on Thursday voted to end federal funding to National Public Radio. Republican supporters said it made good fiscal sense, and Democratic opponents called it an ideological attack that would deprive local stations of access to programs such as "Car Talk" and "All Things Considered."

Barrow JROTC program wins federal funding
Starting this school year, the U.S. Department of Defense will pick up part of the tab for one of Barrow County Schools' most popular academic programs.

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